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Afro-textured hair is particularly susceptible to breakage and fracturing because the hair follicle and shaft is elliptical in shape. This shape produces thin tightly curled hair, which can be fragile and prone to knotting. This along with the more temperate climate of the UK contributes to the dryness of the skin and hair, which can lead to various problems. There are also certain conditions, such as folliculitis (infected, inflamed hair follicles) and a scarring alopecia called C.C.C.A which are more commonly seen in people with darker skin.

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There are also some hairdressing practices which can cause serious damage to the hair shaft and scalp. Relaxing, curly perming, braiding, weaving and frequent use of wigs can all lead to hair breakage and scalp irritation. Use of oils and lotions applied to the hair and skin tend to make problems worse, and even cause dermatitis to an otherwise healthy scalp.

All trichologists trained with the Institute of Trichologists receive thorough and specific training on how to diagnose, treat and manage Black hair and skin conditions. 

If you have a hair or scalp worry, we can help.

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