Trichologist services



50 minute one-on-one consultation - £120



During your consultation a detailed patient history will be taken. Your concerns will be thoroughly discussed, along with your medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, hair care practices and family history. Our priority is ensuring patients feel heard and understood, we understand that patients may be nervous so we focus on creating a caring and relaxed environment.


If you feel comfortable, a gentle but thorough examination of your hair and scalp will be done. A specialist digital microscope called a trichoscope will be used to study the health of the hair follicle and scalp surface. Analysis of hair diameter may also be performed, along with clinical photography for monitoring and referral purposes.


Your diagnosis will then be clearly explained along with your options for treatment and recommendations for managing the condition. This may include referrals back to your GP or dermatologist for blood tests and further investigations. All the information will be sent to you in writing following your consultation, including onward referral letters.

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  • ​A confirmation will be sent via email, along with directions to the clinic, and instructions for the day of the appointment. 

  • Please do not wash your hair on the day of your appointment. 

  • Please bring any details of any medications and supplements you are currently taking.

  • Please also bring any recent blood test results.


30 minutes - £40

After your initial consultation, you may be recommended a combination of the below treatments if appropriate. We will never ask that you pay in advance for a course of treatments, and all of our treatments are evidence based. Treatment plans are bespoke to each patient and progress will be reviewed at each treatment session. See our Code of Ethics here


We offer narrowband UVB and near infrared electrotherapy. UVB is effective in the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis, pityriasis, eczema, dermatitis, alopecia and pruritis (itching). UVB can also be used in treatment of alopecia areata and atopic conditions. Infrared electrotherapy can be used in treatment of conditions where increased blood flow, muscle relaxation and pain relief are indicated.


Therapeutic scalp massage is effective in the treatment of scalp pruritis and irritation, as well as in patients who are feeling stressed and anxious. Dealing with hair loss and scalp problems can be incredibly distressing, and stress can exacerbate many hair and scalp conditions. Ask at the clinic if you feel that scalp massage may help you.


Trichological preparations may be recommended in the treatment of scaling, inflammation and infection, and in hair texture problems. These preparations are made to order. Other products may be recommended, these can be sourced by the clinic or purchased directly by the patient, for example in recommendations of pharmacy products.


Diet and lifestyle factors are implicated in various hair and scalp conditions. Relevant advice will be given following the initial consultation, but further support with diet and lifestyle changes is offered where patients would benefit from extra help and coaching.


Follow-up appointments will be arranged where appropriate to monitor progress with at-home treatment, after further testing is ordered, or to regularly monitor your condition.

If you're worried about your hair or scalp, we can help. 

Whether you've been worried for a while, or you've just noticed a change, book your 50 minute consultation with Kate for diagnosis, advice and support.

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