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Hair and scalp issues can be incredibly detrimental to your self-esteem, leaving you feeling upset, frustrated and anxious.


Whether you've just noticed that something's not right, or you've been dealing with your condition for years, we can help. 


The condition of your hair and scalp can be affected by a wide range of factors. If you identify with any of the questions below, book a one-on-one 50 minute consultation at our central Manchester clinic for expert diagnosis, advice and treatment.


  • Is your hair thinner than it used to be?

  • Are you noticing that you're losing lots of hair when you wash or brush it?

  • Have you got areas of partial or total hair loss?

  • Is your parting getting wider or your hairline receding?

  • Does your hair feel damaged and dry?

  • Do you have noticeable breakage and split ends?


  • Do you have persistent dandruff or scaling?

  • Do you have eczema or psoriasis that's affecting your scalp?

  • Is your scalp sore or painful?

  • Does your scalp itch?

  • Do you have inflamed spots on your scalp?

  • Are there areas on your scalp that are different colours or textures?


Kate was really supportive during my consultation and took the time to listen to my concerns and history, before carrying out a thorough examination. She was able to diagnose and recommend some resolutions, as well as reassure me that things were moving in the right direction. I'd been worrying about my hair for about 18 months, and worrying that my hair loss was irreversible on top of that. Kate was able to answer every question I had and pointed out some of my test results that my GP had not brought to my attention. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone who is worried about their hair health or hair loss - she's really put my mind at ease and helped me to understand what I need to do next. Her expertise is invaluable.


—  Lucy

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